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About Me

After searching for my path for a few years, I have found Psychology to be my vocation. After 5 intense years at SWPS University in Warsaw I have achieved a master degree as a Psychologist with a specialisation in Cognitive Neuroscience.
Meanwhile I accomplished 2 year additional sepcialisation in Human-Technology Interaction Design. 
At the moment I am a step from receiving a master degree diploma in Sexology and Couple Therapy at the Higher Institute of Psychological Studies in Spain.
In the free time I like to keep my knowledge up to date, so I participate in courses related to my development interests area.
You can find me on a map of as-friendly (as for asexual) psychologists.

I am deeply passionate about peri and postnatal period and all the mental, emotional processes and changes that come with it.

I believe that solid education and introduction of healthy habits can lead to more joyful and less stressful sex life.
  • Postnatal return to sexual activity

  • Sexual difficulties related to pregnancy

  • Sexual difficulties in and out of relationtships

  • Pain during sexual activities

  • Distorted body image

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Sexual orientation related issues support

  • Gender identity support

  • LGBTQ+ Counseling

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