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Kasia           Tapioles

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Therapy Sessions

Together we will take a closer look at the matters
that we don't talk about daily.
We discover the uncomfortable to find tools to work on progress.

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Your life-changing moments saved as a graceful memory.


I truly believe that we do have a choice when
it comes to
dealing with our past
and creating our future.
My main focus goes on
the way we create bonds, emotions, feelings
and the effects they cause on
the body and mind.
I encourage to be
mindfull and conscious of both.
Everybody is welcome in my space.
Judgment free.
It's a space to
meet, grow, improve, discover and connect.

I am deeply passionate about
understanding human behaviour
and getting to its roots.
I have finished Psychology master's
with a specialization in Neurocognitive Science. At the moment I am one step from becoming
a certified master in
Sexology and Couple's Therapy.
I will be honoured to accompany you
on your way to reestablishing
your peace and joy.

If you're here maybe that's
a first and very important step
to reach for support.
Those first steps can feel scary, uncomfortable or stressful.
No wonder you're feeling this way.
You're getting out of your comfort zone.
Let's work on making a positive thing.


Take a look at About me


Take a deep breath


Come and meet me

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